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Dust Filter Bags for All Baghouse and Every Industry

Zukun provides a wide range of high quality filter bags and filter cloth for all industries & dust types.

We offer numerous filter fabrics such as Polypropylene, Acrylic, Polyester, Aramid, PPS, P84, Fiberglass and many other options and finishes such as high efficiency ePTFE membrane to meet the needs of every industry.

Aramid/Nomex Filter Bags

Nomex filter bag specially applied in cement kiln smoke filtration ,Nomex bag filter,Nomex bag filter water repellent. Bag filter Nomex  offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature resistant function, and long wearing life . Read More

PPS Filter Bags

Power Plant special applied PPS Filter Bag for High Temperature Resistant Fume Filtration PPS filter bag Ryton filter bag for Thermal power plant dust filtration PPS material filter bags. Read More

P84 Filter Bags

High Temperature Polyimide Fiber P84 Filter Bag, Waste Incinerator Dust Collector Waste incinerator dust collector applied P-84 filter bag high temperature gas filter. Read More

PTFE (Teflon) Filter Bags

PTFE filter bag for steel plant dust collector system,high temperature resistant. PTFE filter bag  is made by a three-dimensional and has a very strong high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and good hydrolyzed resistance. It is easy to clean dust with its smooth surface, continuous working temperature 240°C, peak 260°C. Read More

Polyester Filter Bags

Cement plant crusher filter bag, Polyester filter bags  are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. Generally, dust collector filter bags are designed to be mounted and firmly into place with a snap band, corded cuff, or clamp to ensure dust type seal. Read More

Non-Woven Fiberglass Filter Bags

Fiberglass non woven filter bags applications ranges in asphalt plant, incinerator, metallurgy, cement carbon black, liquid boiler, coal fire boiler dust filtration. Read More

Woven Fiberglass Filter Bag

Woven fiberglass filter bag with PTFE/Teflon membrane with regular gram weight 750g, who is one of our main products with strong tensile strength and high air permeability. Fiberglass Filter Bags used in different industries such as cement industry, lime industry…ect. Read More

Acrylic Filter Bags

Cement plant special applied filter bag, high hydrolysis resistant bag filter, Acrylic filter bag, for cement plant, hydrolysis resistant, Acrylic needle felt is produced by needling craft, made of acrylic fiber of staggered arrangement and gap uniform distribution. Read More

Pleated Filter Bags

Pleated Filter Bag For Pleated Filter Cages with spider rings to increase the fitlration area of dust filter bags of polyester or other filter materials. Read More