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Filter Fabrics & Filter Bag Cloths

ZUKUN FILTRATION supply industrial filter fabrics that including industrial normal temperature resistant filter medias and high temperature resistant filter medias, including Polyester filter cloth, PPS filter cloth, Nomex filter cloth, FMS Filter fabric, P84 Filter fabric, Acrylic filter fabric, PTFE Filter cloth, Polypropylene filter fabric, PP filter cloth and Air Slide Fabric, Filter bag Sewing thread.

We supply filtration products for food, abrasive, toxic and explosive dust, and specialize in dust and fumes from Abrasive Handling, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Metals, Power, Powder Coating, Sand Blasting, Textiles, Paper, Pulp & Woodworking and many others.

Polyester Needle Felt Filter Cloth

Polyester needle punched filter felt Polyester filter fabric is the most versatile, most cost effective and most widely used filter medium for dust collection. It is strong, abrasion resistant, can work up to 150°C and has good resistance to common acids, solvents and oxidising agents . Read More

PPS needle-punched Filter Fabric

PPS fiber can keep intensity completely and bear chemistry naturing inherently, keep good filtration performance among the abominable environment, reach ideal service life. In coal boiler, rubbish incinerator, power plant of fly ash filtering of pulse clear dust catcher, PPS filter felts are an ideal filtration material. Read More

Nomex (Aramid) Filter Fabric

Nomex felt Metamax is the mixture of 95% m-aramid and 5% p-aramid. Metamax needle felt is meta-aramid fiber invented and manufactured by Heading Filter. NOMEX fibers are from the generic fiber group called meta-aramid. Another brand name from this fiber group is CONEX and NOMEX. Read More

FMS Needle Punched Filter Cloth

FMS is a good high temperature resistance filter fabrics, this fabrics mainly made by 5.5 micron diameter glass fiber blend with P84 (polyimide), aramid(Nomex), PPS (ryton) fiber, with the three dimensional cellular structure, low air resistance, especial blend with P84 which with leaf style fiber, can increase the filter surface (80%). Read More

P84 needle Filter Cloth

P84 (polyimide) needle felt P84 polyimide needlefelts are excellent high temperature filter media in terms of performance, generally surpassing the other standard media with the exception of PTFE. Read More

Acrylic needle felt Filter Fabric

Acrylic needle feltNormally in filtration acrylic refers to homopolymer acrylic which is essentially made from 100% of acrylonitrile. Homopolymer acrylic needle felt and filter bags for industrial filtration. Read More

PTFE (Teflon) needle punched Filter Cloth

PTFE needle punched felt PTFE needle punched filter fabric are produced from 100% PTFE fiber which has been punched in three-dimentional structure. They have excellent features such as excellent flexibility, molding capability, high tensile strength, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance. Read More

Woven Fiberglass Filter Cloth

We have woven fiberglass filter cloth with PTFE membrane, regular gram weight 750g/m2. Our woven fiberglass filter cloths are with strong tensile strength and high air permeability, who is used in high temperature working conditions. Read More

Micro Polypropylene needle felt Filter Fabric

Micro Polypropylene needle feltOur factory selects 100D/160 and 500D/120 mixed Mioro-polypropylene fiber, then composited with basalt fiber adopting advanced international standard and the equipments to produce micro PP needle punched filter felt. Read More

PP Needle Punched Filter Felt

PP needle punched felt Polypropylene is a relatively low temperature fiber with quite excellent chemical resistance which finds use in specialist applications such as the chemical industry.The fibers cannot hydrolyse, the only chemical weakness being a susceptibility to oxidising agents. Read More

Air Slide Fabrics

Air Slide fabrics for conveyor system, Polyester Air slide and Multifilament polyester air slide, Nomex air slide converying belt. Air slide belt for conveying system, Airslide fluidizing fabrics with different sizes. Read More

Filter Bag Sewing Thread

Filter Bag Sewing Thread for Dust collecting filter bag making, high temperature 100% PTFE teflon heat resistent sewing threads. Read More