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Dust Collector Pleated Filter Bags


Advantages of Pleated Dust Filter Bags:

  1. Increased 50% to 150% filtration area, fit to be manufactured with different materials such as polyester pleated bags, nomex pleated filter bags…ect.
  2. Reduced the running resistance of equipment to 600 to 800pa.
  3. Solved the problem of dust emission standard, dust discharge concentration below 5mg/m3 for pleated filter bag dust collecting system.
  4. Life time of dust collecting pleated filter bags is longer than normal round filter bags, saved frequency changing bags.


Tailor service, just let us know your request, we will give exact recommendation .

  • What kind of product that showed on our website do you need? PTFE fiber, PTFE Sewing thread, PTFE membrane or dust filter cloth and dust filter bag?
  • If you want buy filter cloth or felt and filter bag, tell me if you need membrane lamination.
  • The size of dust filter and collect bag.
  • Is it a revise air or pluse jet?
  • Flat Dimension.
  • Specs on Material.
  • Is it a Top or Bottom Load Collector?
  • Your  working conditions such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance.