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P84 Filter Bags



P-84 Dust Filter Bags, Cement kiln dust filter , P84 filter bag, bag filter applied P84 filter bag ,P84 high temperature resistant filter bag made of polyimide fiber by needling craft. It has remarkable high temperature endurance and acid, alkali resistance. It possesses advantages of anti-chemistry property. P84 filter bag is also called Polyimide filters which  is efficient in collecting micro grain and little differential pressure. It can be continuously used in asphalt factory, cement, waste incinerator, fluid boiler, and coal-burning boiler etc

The main type of dust filter bags including Nomex filter bag ,PPS filter bags ,P84 filter bag, PTFE filter bags, Acrylic filter bags, Polyester filter bags,dust filter bag, bag filters, dust collector bags.


Filter bags, dust collector bag ,dust filter bag, dust bags, filter socks, - they all mean the same thing: An industrial grade fabric filter made from heavy duty material, all textile based, used in dust collecting systems, in either process filtration or pollution control.



It can be continuously used in smoke and gas filtration in  asphalt factory, cement kiln , waste incinerator, fluid boiler, and coal-burning boiler, etc.




P84 550 GSM


100% P84)staple fibre


100% P84 scrim


450 - 650g/m2 (customized)


Heat setting, single side singeing, calendering (double sides finishing would be available upon request), PTFE memebrane

Roll length and width:

Can be customized

Breaking strength:

(Longitudinal)(N): >800

(Transverse)(N): >800

Air permeability:



In rolls


Asphalt mixing plant, cement plant, smelting, waste incineration, etc.

Delivery Time:

7-45 days

Payment Terms:

 T/T, L/C


Below fiber performance index for your reference.


 Operating Temperature (°C, dry)

 Abrasion Resistance

Hydrolysis Resistance

 Alkali Resistance

Organic Acid Resistance

Mineral Acid Resistance 

Oxidation Resistance (15%) 


 240/ (260)




  Very Good

 Very Good

Very Good



Competitive Advantage:

  • good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
  • high temperature resistance (240-260°C)e
  • good oxidize resistance
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • higher air to cloth ratios



Tailor service, just let us know your request, we will give exact recommendation.

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The size of dust filter and collect bag.

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Flat Dimension.

Specs on Material.

  • Is it a Top or Bottom Load Collector?
  • Your  working conditions  such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance.